Pearl's Specifications

Type: 1953 Piper Pacer PA 22/20

Serial Number: 22-1646

Registration Number: N3383A

Engine: Lycoming 0-320-B2B (160 HP)

Propeller: Sensenich, Fixed Pitch, 62", 74DM 6-0-62

Wing Span: 29.5 feet

Empty Weight: 1150 lbs.

Gross Weight: 2000 lbs.

Useful Load: 850 lbs.

Cruising Speed: 150 mph

Top Speed: 160 mph @ 2650 RPM

Landing Speed: 70-80 MPH

Restoration Time: 4200 hrs., 4.5 yrs.

Restoration Cost: $38,500

Awards: Over 50 National Championship Awards

Modifications From Stock: Over 95 FAA approved

NOT FOR SALE: Willed to the National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.

Pearl's Modifications


  1. Brushed stainless steel firewall with die formed ribs.
  2. Brushed stainless steel baffling system w/silicon rubber seals (to maximize engine cooling).
  3. Custom RAM air tube for vacuum pump cooling.
  4. Stainless steel muffler shroud.
  5. Machined vernier control linkage brackets.
  6. Stainless steel alternator heat shield.
  7. Nose bowl reworked, with starter hole and oil cooler openings plugged.
  8. Fiberglass air scoop custom fitted to carburetor.
  9. Custom lower cowl NACA inlet, for cabin heating and alternator RAM air. 337 Field Approval.
  10. RAM air hose for alternator cooling.
  11. Oil cooler installed on left rear baffle. 337 Field Approval.
  12. Installed adjustable oil cooler door for regulating oil temperature. 337 Field Approval.
  13. Chromed aluminum crank case breather tube.
  14. BN-2 chrome spinner-Aircraft Spruce Co.
  15. Hand polished, color coordinated, 74DM/62, pitch prop.
  16. Fuel sample tube installed on firewall.
  17. Custom telescoping/suction cup door restrainers.
  18. All hardware hand polished stainless steel, or chrome plated, and unidirectionally installed.
  19. Custom alternator blast tube (front nose bowl inlet).
  20. Custom fuel flow meter and digital display. 337 Field Approval.


  2. Nuchrome/Nickel cylinders.
  3. Oil filter modification/Capehart Lifetime Oil Filter. STC
  4. Dry vacuum pump. Sigmatec
  5. 60 amp alternator - B&C Specialty Co., Newton, KS. 337 Field Approval.
  6. Lightweight starter. Weight saved-10 lbs. B & C Specialty Co. STC'd and approved 337.
  7. Engine case: hand finished and color coordinated paint.
  8. All engine hardware chrome plated, or polished stainless steel.
  9. Engine lubrication, Aeroshell-50 wt. with AVBLEND/ZMAX.


  1. Custom N.A.C.A. vents installed in boot cowl, for upper & lower cabin ventilation. 337 Field Approval.
  2. Top fuselage stringer lowered, and curved arc at tail fin reworked, for aesthetic reasons.
  3. Two custom aluminum 33 gallon wing tank Total fuel 66 Gals. 337 Field Approval.
  4. Custom flush mounted vented, gas tank caps.
  5. Reworked landing/taxi light box. High polish stainless steel baffles to augment reflectivity.
  6. 400,000 candle power landing lights, with custom formed Lexan lens, and polished stainless steel bezel.
  7. Position lights/strobe moved to outboard bow and custom faired. 337 Field Approval.
  8. Modified forward wing strut attach points, to receive custom, quick release type tie down rings. 337 Field Approval.
  9. Cleveland Wheel and Disc Brakes. 337 Field Approvals.
  10. Custom chrome plated aluminum, front/rear, plunger type passenger door stops and wing strut hardware.
  11. Polished stainless steel, passenger door, push button opening mechanisms.
  12. All door openings sealed with EDPM rubber Weatherseal.
  13. Macwyte streamlined, stainless steel tail wires installed. 337 Field Approval.
  14. Tail wheel assy. chrome plated and modified with stainless steel springs.
  15. Custom engraved cowl door latches.
  16. All control cable fairleads replaced with machined, graphite impregnated, nylon (Nylatron).
  17. All fuselage fasteners polished stainless steel.
  18. All gaps between flaps and ailerons, stabilizer and elevator, rudder and fuselage, narrowed from factory 3/4" to 3/16" for additional streamlining.

D. FAIRINGS and GAP SEALS (all are custom and 337 Field Appovals.)

  1. Upper and lower aluminum flap gap seals (aluminum).
  2. Lower flap hinge fairings (fiberglass).
  3. Upper and lower telescoping aileron horn fairings (fiberglass).
  4. Lower aileron hinge fairings (aluminum).
  5. Lower wing drain valve fairings (fiberglass).
  6. Wing root fairings with courtesy lights (aluminum).
  7. Leading edge of wing to windshield fairings (aluminum).
  8. Wing strut, to outer wing attach point, fairings (fiberglass).
  9. Wing strut to fuselage fairings (fiberglass).
  10. Wheel strut to fuselage fairings (aluminum).
  11. Wheel strut to wheel pants fairings (fiberglass).
  12. Wheel pants with inner drag reduction baffles (fiberglass).
  13. Rudder cable fairings at lower aft fuselage (fiberglass).
  14. Rudder to fin, elevator to stabilizer, spring loaded gap seals (aluminum).
  15. Custom designed control surface gust wind locks.


  1. Custom instrument panel fabricated with lower extension. Panel hand lettered with Chartpak lettering system and sealed with satin polyurethane.
  2. Piper Seneca II control yokes installed with control shaft modifications. 337 Field Approval.
  3. Vernier control knobs for throttle and mixture functions. 337 Field Approval.
  4. Eyeball panel vents and lower interior swivel vents, fed by fresh air through a custom plenum system. 337 Field Approval.
  5. Left and right rudder pedal assy., and hydraulic toe brakes. Univair Corp. STC'd and approved 337.
  6. Naugahyde control column boot and polished stainless steel floor bezel.
  7. Custom door pulls installed.
  8. Custom aluminum rudder cable covers. (Lower Kick Panels)
  9. Seats and side panels reworked:
    1. Three densities of fireproof foam and lumbar supports. Weight saved-17 lbs.
    2. Fireproof crimson velour and pearl naugahyde upholstery materials.
    3. Personalized embroidered emblems on seat backs.
    4. Personalized engraved safety belt buckles.
  10. Polished stainless steel and painted pearl trim accents throughout.
  11. Floors and rear deck covered with foam backed carpet.
  12. Custom tan flannel headliner installed.
  13. Polished stainless steel, door jam, garment hooks.
  14. Cabin insulated with FAA approved, foil backed, sound proof, fire resistant insulation.
  15. Under panel, noise reduction foam sheets installed.
  16. Luggage compartment matched to naugahyde and carpet material of cabin.
  17. Custom baggage door gas spring. 337 Field Approval.
  18. Custom mounting blocks for installation of Rosen sunvisors. 337 Field Approval.
  19. Custom kick panel, aluminum rudder cable covers.
  20. New window vent retainer slide for cabin air.


  1. New 12 volt, LR-2 alternator regulator. B & C Specialty Co. STC'D
  2. Odyssey immobilized electrolyte 12 volt battery. Weight saved-5 lbs. B & C Specialty Co. 337 Field Approval.
  3. New wiring installed consistent with MIL. SPEC Standards. All ring terminals are crimped, soldered and heat shrink insulated.
  4. Installation of panel LED rocker switches.
  5. Panel illuminated by instrument post lights.
  6. All circuits protected by Potter Brumfield circuit breakers.
  7. Custom designed circuitry for low fuel warning indicator lights.
  8. Custom designed circuitry for total trip elapsed time counter. Activated by an Astro Tech Chronometer.
  9. Pilot/Copilot push to talk switches on control yokes.
  10. Front and rear, four place intercom. Sigtronics, Inc.
  11. Door jamb switch for custom lighting in baggage compartment.


  1. PPG Deltron: base coat and clear coat
  2. Color fuselage/fairings:
    1. Base coat-White Sandstone Pearl P.P.G. # 90695, 90696 (93 Nissan Maxima Code CHO).
    2. Accent coat-Crimson Red P.P.G. # 4240 (90-94 Chev. Truck-Code WA9088).
    3. Stripe-Radiance Gold Metallic P.P.G. # 25622
    4. High gloss finish: four color sanding steps, two mechanical polishing steps, and two hand polishing steps.
  3. Engine Compartment Color-Signal Light Gray P.P.G. # 7024
  4. Instrument Panel-Desert Beige P.P.G. #25282


  1. All standard PA 22 features, restored and in place.
  2. All surfaces that are subject to rubbing against one another, are separated by U.H.M.W. polyethene tape to minimize friction.
  3. Custom turf tie down apparatus and decorative braided line.
  4. Approximately 4200 HRS labor and over 100 modifications were accomplished on this project.
  5. Approximate restoration cost, including purchase of aircraft, was $38,500. Insurance AUA Inc., Greensboro, NC

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