Welcome to Miss Pearl's Homepage!

The following web pages can only be described as a pictorial showcase for an aircraft phenomenon...the creation and travels of Miss Pearl - a Piper Pacer, PA-22/20, N3383A. Imagine your visit to my page as a virtual tour of this exceptional, award winning aircraft that is presented at the many air show/fly-ins around the country. What you're about to view here is the result of applying the many God given skills and ideas I have received, as well as the help of many friends and airplane aficionados that have aided me in this endeavor. I hope that you will agree that I've used these talents to achieve something very different from the status quo, yet something in common with all of Miss Pearl's visitors and friends - the advancement of sport aviation, and a recognition of its beauty and the exhilaration of flight.

The most important thing that has happened over the past twenty four years is the development of the many instant friendships around the country that I have become a part of as a result of showing Miss Pearl. She is the personification of an elegant southern lady with a charm and mystique all her own. I extend an invitation to you to browse through the following pages to experience eye catching pleasure. I look forward to eventually meeting and talking with you in person during my travels with Miss Pearl.

- Frank P. Sperandeo III