Construction and Restoration Pictures

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fuselage1989.jpg: Pearl starts out as a mere "skin and bones" ugly duckling from Missouri. (Nov. 1989)

PA22Fus.jpg: Rear view of stripped fuselage. (Nov. 1989)

fuselagePrimed.jpg: Fuselage tubing zinc chromated and ready for restoration. (Jan. 1990)

fusOnWheels.jpg: A taildragger in the making with the Univair wheel conversion. (Feb. 1990)

fusOnWheels2.jpg: Notice new panel and boot cowl. (Feb. 1990)

ironingFabric.jpg: Pearl gets a "new dress" made of polyester Dacron using the Stitz process. (June 1990)

primedFus.jpg: Fabric has PPG filler and primer sprayed on, and is ready to be painted. (Aug. 1990)

engbe4.jpg: An O-320-B2B, 160 HP Lycoming engine core. What a mess - not very attractive. (Nov. 1990)

engAfter.jpg: What a difference a $7000 engine overhaul makes, with paint to match the fuselage. (Oct. 1991)

gastank.jpg: One of two 34 gallon custom fuel tanks for Pearl to "sip her tea". (Mar. 1991)

GasTankPenny.jpg: A penny glued on for good luck. (Mar. 1991)

noseShtMtl.jpg: New aluminum sheet metal fabricated and installed. Notice the plugged up starter hole in the nose bowl. (Jan. 1992)

engOnFus.jpg: A classy engine hung on a classy stainless steel firewall. (Feb. 1992)

chinIntake1.jpg: Blue styrofoam scraps from a Burt Rutan "Defiant" forms the lower air scoop. (Mar. 1992)

chinIntake2.jpg: Chin intake painted and completed for Pearl to breathe through. (Dec. 1992)

wheelPanta.jpg: Tear drop wheel pant taped and ready for the gold stripe. (Mar. 1992)

wheelPant1.jpg: All painted and rubbed out with compound. Notice the hole for inflating tires. (Mar. 1992)

wheelPant2.jpg: You can't go out without your pants on, and Pearl has fancy ones. (Mar. 1992)

planeAndFiat.jpg: Pearl grows they fit? The Fiat was Frank's old car, in case you're curious. (July 1992)

StrutFrgns.jpg: Custom fiberglass strut fairings reworked to fit properly and to reduce drag. (Aug. 1992)

paintedWing1.jpg: When painting, the color for the smallest area goes on first, in this case, gold. (Sept. 1992)

CompWing3.jpg: The completed painted wing is ready for wet sanding and polishing. (Sept. 1992)

fusPaint.jpg: The fuselage trim paint design is taking shape. Notice the Air Force Thunderbird design on the fin. (Oct. 1992)

headliner1.jpg: Insulation goes in for a little comfort and soundproofing. (Jan. 1993)

headliner2.jpg: Custom antique tan flannel headliner installed. (Oct. 1993)

panel1.jpg: Custom instrument panel holes to be filled with high dollar gyros and indicators. Notice modified lower panel extended for rocker switches and circuit breakers. (Feb. 1993)

panel2.jpg: A small fortune in instruments fill the holes. Notice the Seneca II control yokes approved by an FAA Form 337. (Mar. 1993)

engine.jpg: 160 Lycoming horses ready to spin the prop. Notice the 75 amp Chrysler auto alternator, also approved with an FAA Form 337. (Mar. 1993)

pinup.jpg: Gladys Goodbody - never underestimate the value of a good engine mechanic/helper.

pntShtMtl.jpg: The painted sheet metal is installed for the final fit. (Mar. 1993)

asmFinFus.jpg: Fuselage ready to be transported to the airport for assembly. (July 1993)

paintedProp.jpg: How about a painted matching prop? (July 1993)

wingGasTank.jpg: Flush Piper Aerostar gas caps with custom air flow pressure tube. (Aug. 1993)

rdrCblFrng.jpg: A nice, neat, streamlined, fiberglass rudder cable fairing. (Sept. 1993)

tailWheel.jpg: Tailwheel detailing pays off with polished stainless steel handmade springs...neat! (Sept. 1993)

InsidePanel1.jpg: Stitz fabric glued to inside of cabin. Note master switch and starter solenoid. (Nov. 1993)

InsidePanel2.jpg: Finished sidewall panel of pearl Naugahyde and crimson velour...very elegant. (Nov. 1993)

CompCabUph.jpg: A very comfortable cabin with attention to ergonomics and style. (Nov. 1993)

CabDrPulls.jpg: No more broken door handles. Custom modified Fiat auto door pulls installed for simplicity. (Nov. 1993)

RearSeatUph.jpg: Plush, pleated, upholstered three-stage Temperfoam makes for comfortable rear seats. Notice the embroidered initials surrounded by a General Motors Cadillac wreath. The embroidery /emblem was created by Sue Wilson of Fayetteville, AR, using a computerized stitching machine. (Nov. 1993)

PlaneOnFlat.jpg: Pearl's fuselage ready to be transported to the airport for final assembly. (Dec. 1993)

WingAssy1.jpg: A lot of hands are needed to install one wing...that's what friends are for. (Dec. 1993)

WingAssy2.jpg: Two wings on with struts to secure them for flight. (Dec. 1993)

DoorRest.jpg: Billet aluminum, custom machined, spring loaded door restraints with custom designed stainless steel straps secured to struts. (Jan. 1994)

FirstTakeOff.jpg: Taxiing to the runway for the first flight - and away we go! (Feb. 1994)

FirstFlight.jpg: First flight, February 6, 1994, and an aviation star is born.

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